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Hi, I'm AJ

AJ Osborne is the CEO of Cedar Creek Capital, one of the fastest-growing self-storageĀ syndication funds in the nation with over 50 employees. AJ's also wrote the go to book on self-storage, The Investors Guide to Growing Wealth in self-storage and hosts the #1 self-storage podcast, The Self Storage Income Podcast.

In the early 2000's AJ made the decision to stop trading time for money and start building cash flowing assets. Through two recessions, a pandemic, and even a rare autoimmune disease that left him temporarily paralyzed, AJ's businesses have continued to grow. Now AJ's goal is to educate others on how they can build wealth and create financial freedom.

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Build Wealth

AJ has founded and led multiple businesses creating opportunities for more and more people to grow in commercial real estate and self-storage. Here are just a few of them.

Growing Wealth in Self Storage

Investing in self-storage changed AJ's life. Even when he was in the hospital completely paralyzed, money was still coming in from his investments to take care of his family. Now, AJ is giving away his playbook to Earn a Lifetime of Income Through Self Storage for FREE.Ā 

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