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Finally a podcast with real, authentic insight. Been listening for a while to get educated and now in process of purchasing my first property. The info AJ provides is golden. Thanks AJ and team!

This is a must-listen for anyone embarking on a journey into the world of self-storage. After listening to several episodes and reading his excellent book, you will have sufficient education to successfully take down your first facility.

The amount of free knowledge and information provided by the “Authority” in Self Storage is amazing.

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The State of House Flipping in 2022


The housing market is scarier than ever - what does this mean for house Ryan Pineda...and YOU? With the federal government beginning to raise treasury interest rates across the board, the housing market is said to "crash" at any time. In this video, Ryan and I discuss why this may actually not be the whole story.

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The AJ Osborne Podcast is your go to resource to building your self-storage empire.

Hosted by AJ Osborne

AJ specializes in developing, converting and turning around underperforming facilities with a value-add strategy, and loves to show other entrepreneurs and investors how to focus on technology and self storage automation.

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