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The Best Real Estate Investment Tool You’ve Never Heard of with Yonah Weiss

Episode #127

Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income podcast (or the AJ Osborne podcast – whichever one you’re listening to right now). I’m your host AJ Osborne and this episode was so great, we wanted to be sure to release it on BOTH of our podcasts – Self Storage Income and the AJ Osborne podcast (formerly Cashflow 2 Freedom).

Are you a current real estate investor? Looking to become a real estate investor? Then today’s episode is definitely for you. Whether it’s storage, multi-family, single family, homes, manufactured homes, or pretty much any other real estate asset, the strategy and concept we’re going to cover today can apply to you all.

That said, I’m extra excited about today’s episode because we get to dive into this subject that could save you thousands and even millions of dollars in taxes. The subject?

Cost segregation. Not only do we get to learn about this amazing tax strategy and tool, we get to learn about if from the expert himself - Yonah Weiss.

Yonah shares with us his story of how he went from being a teacher, to commercial real estate, to making taxes interesting by becoming a cost segregation expert. Yes… we used the words “taxes” and “interesting” in the same sentence… don’t worry! You’ll totally understand after listening to this episode. Saving thousands or millions of dollars in taxes is certainly an exciting idea.

You might even be wondering at this point - what even is cost segregation? Don’t worry you’re not alone. As a teacher, Yonah discovered that a large number of real estate investors needed to be educated about cost segregation and the power it can hold.

Yonah goes into what exactly cost segregation is, when you can use it, how to use it, and the amazing benefits it has to offer real estate investors.

This is absolutely one of those episodes you’ll want to take notes on. It’s also a subject that you’ll want to learn more about. That said, talk to Yonah himself by reaching out to him at:


Thanks for listening as always everybody and we’ll see you next time!