Invest with Me

29. Can you CREATE LUCK in your Life & Business?

Season #2

Can luck dictate one's success in business? Absolutely. But looking at another's success or luck does not mean that you lose something in exchange. Luck is something I fully believe can be CREATED.

For example, when I was paralyzed and stuck in a hospital bed, many may say - how is that lucky? That seems like terrible luck. But looking back today, I feel grateful for this experience. It's shaped my new life, my mission, and my day to day. I was stripped away of any self-pride or self-consciousness. This enabled me to take to new heights in my life and business. This podcast is just one of the new beginnings.

I would never trade this experience. It was SO hindsight. Looking back, I had a choice: I could give up, or I could use it to my advantage. 

When you are faced with overwhelming odds or extremely bad luck, what choice will YOU make? 

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